The Partnership

Our consortium, composed by 6 organisations from 5 EU countries, represents an optimal combination of knowledge and expertise to address the objective of the present project, in which each partner plays a specific role.

Pink Claw Europe - Partner

ENDAS - Ente Nazionale Democratico di Azione Sociale e Sportiva ETS – APS (Italy) – Project Coordinator

ENDAS is a non-profit association founded in 1949 that has over 300,000 members throughout Italy. ENDAS operates at both national and international level through sports associations and societies; to achieve the best possible results and the widest dissemination, ENDAS relies on the collaboration of cultural, social, recreational, environmental circles, of social cooperatives, social companies, foundations, affiliated non-profit organizations and delegations set up for these specific purposes. ENDAS has more than 30 years of experience in “social advancement”.The Authority has been entrusted with the management of institutional projects of the highest importance and prestige, so as to receive the recognition of “Association for Social Promotion” by the Ministry of Social Policies (Law No.383 of 7 December 2000); that of “Environmental Protection Agency” from Italian Ministry of Environment (Decree of 17 December 2001); that of “Accredited association/qualified for the training of school staff” by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (decree of 10 October 2005). In addition, it is recognized as an Association for the development of projects of National Civil Service by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (National Office of Civil Service), it is also included in the list of entities with proven skills and experience in the field of road safety and prevention by the Ministry of Infrastructure (decree of 1 December 2003). Through sport, ENDAS tries to respond to the challenges and needs that manifest themselves in everyday life, such as social inclusion (especially that of women), strengthening youth, environmental protection and sustainable development. In recent years, the projects in the field of sport have mainly focused on young people, developing actions to promote an active lifestyle and, equally important, fight a premature abandonment of sports practice. 

ENDAS already in the past has presented various projects dedicated to the women and won many European Projects such as EGIPIS, EGIPIS 2, EWA and the current Pink Claw project.

ENDAS as a Sport Entity has put into focus the possibilities that sport offers into helping the development of people and specifically in this project, the will to support women.

ISES (Italy)

ISES – Istituto Europeo per lo Sviluppo Socio Economico (Italy) was founded in 2008 as non-profit organization to spread European culture in Italy and to get closer public agencies, businesses and the third sector to the EU institutions through the development of funded projects following their whole bureaucratic, administrative and managerial path in accordance with the rules laid down by the European Commission. In particular, ISES cooperates since 2009 with different associations for sports promotion to implement projects at regional and national level.

ISES has long experience in managing EU projects and managing communication and dissemination activities. It has been the responsible for the communication in all its projects developing the project communication strategy, tools and materials.

Pink Claw Europe - Logo Partners
Pink Claw Europe - Partner


AMA is the supporting association of the first Foundation dedicated to women’s sport to be created in Europe. It was created in 2014 with the objective of acting so that women have a fairer place in the world of sport, whether on the field or within the governing bodies. Through its actions the Alice Milliat association defends gender equality in sport, promotes a better representation of sportswomen in the media and mentalities, values gender diversity and fights against sexism, stereotypes and any form of discrimination or violence in sport. The missions of the association are thus to:

  • to make known and recognize the figure of Alice Milliat and her fight
  • to make visible actresses of the sport (sportswomen of all levels, leaders, supervisors…)
  • to accompany and value those who are committed to the same causes,
  • to have an impact on a national and European scale.

The Alice Milliat Association supports projects in favor of these objectives and creates content and events to raise public awareness of these issues.

Asociatia Sportiva Corporate Games – ASCG (Romania)

ASCG is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sport for workplaces, grassroots sports and HEPA.

The organization is located in Bucharest/ Romania and is one of the largest sport event organisations in the region.

Sport for life is our logo and we have similar organisations on all 5 continents, making Corporate Games the second largest worldwide sport organization for amateurs, after TAFITSA

Based on over 20 years of worldwide expertise in events, we organize, promote and manage sports competitions in a corporate environment.

Our mission is to bring people together through sport, and to encourage: Morale, Team spirit, Sports lifestyle, Business relations, Social integration. Corporate Games offers every participant, regardless of their sports skills, the opportunity to be part of a grandiose competition.

Starting with 2016 we hade the strategic decision to work towards accelerating social integration through sport for women and underprivilege children, using as a tool a new sport: CATCHBALL. Ever since, participating in 12 projects funded only by Erasmus+ sport, we managed to raise awareness of sport within large communities in Romania, Greece, Croatia, UK and Nederland.

Pink Claw Europe - Partner
Pink Claw Europe - Partner

TOSF (Turkey)

TOSF is governed by provisions of private law and has an independent status and legal personality. Headquarters of the Federation is located in Ankara/Türkiye. The Federation consists of central organization and provincial representations.

There is a structure connected with traditions through harmonious communication of employees, who are employees of our management and Ministry of Youth and Sport of Republic of Türkiye.

In addition to these information, TOSF is a member of International School Sport Federation (

The some of main aims of TOSF are in below :

  • To increase sports activities in all schools and to diversify sports activities through students.
  • To increase the level of sports literacy and awareness of all students towards sports.
  • To ensure that the universal aims of sports, especially the understanding of unity, sharing, participation and physical discipline, are transferred to individuals.
  • To increase the qualifications of athletes, trainers, sports trainers, sports managers and spectators.