The Project

PINK CLAW is a multidisciplinary project that brings together a set of physical and mental practices, each structured with individual and group modalities. After the training phase and the setting up of the sports areas (2 for each country), multidisciplinary days will be organized in which the participating women, guided by female coaches, will be able to try their hand at the planned activities (Obstacle Course Racing, Tactical fitness, Bush Crush/ Team Building, Yoga Mindfulness, Self-Defense, First Aid).

PINK CLAW only has female coaches because they could become role models. women are more likely to identify with a female coach who also acts as a mentor and helps them counter stereotypes by increasing girls’ confidence, self-efficacy and sense of belonging.

One of the critical points of the PINK CLAW is building and supporting relationships between participants. This is a crucial ingredient for engaging and retaining girls in sport. There are, therefore, two critical relationships: the relationship between the coach and the women involved in the project; the relationship between the course mates, which is fundamental because it develops friendships that often continue into everyday life.

In this manner, PINK CLAW model’s dissemination project is a healthy strategy to promote a healthy lifestyle among a specific group of individuals: young women aged 18-35.

Furthermore, from a European perspective, the spread of such a motor activity model will contribute to a greater awareness of a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, ensuring, thanks to its unique characteristics, more accessible access to sporting activities for those who may feel discriminated against in other groups (LGBTQ, black women, etc.).

To contribute to overcome such challenge and, in line with the call objectives, to promote sport and physical activity, PINK CLAW aims to stimulate women’s and girls’ desire to practice sport and physical activity not only for their health and wellbeing but also for their self-empowerment.

In order to achieve this objective, the project will:

  • on the one hand, engage women in regular physical activity through an innovative multidisciplinary outdoor sport programme shared across Europe that encourage participants to have fun and to be challenged;
  • on the other hand, to train female coaches in the project’s programme.

In this sense, the figure of the coach is recognised as crucial and will play a central role in introducing and keeping alive the interest of girls in sport. In this sense, PINK CLAW coaches will

  • be experts in the different disciplines;
  • have a natural ability to build relationships to support the group, particularly in the sporting context